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Intrigo dear agnes english subtitle download srt zip


Date Released: May 8, 2020

Writer: Daniel Alfredson, Birgitta Bongenhielm, Hakan Nesser

Director: Daniel Alfredson

Genre: Action: Drama, Mystery & Suspense

Popular Actor(s): Gemma Chan, Carla Juri, Predrag Bjelac

Summary: This movie has great writers who have been best selling authors like Hakan Nesser and they pulled of a great story that passes a message on good friends and evil deeds.  Agnes’ husband passed away and she is desperately in need for money. During this period, she bumps into her old friend Henny who is very unhappy with her spouse who is not faithful and committed to their relationship. An offer of a huge amount is made to Agnes by Henny to kill her husband (Peter); an amount tempting enough to make anybody fall for it, talk less of someone in desperate need for money. She accepts this offer which later leads to an unforgettable climax.

How Do I Get The Subtitle For INTRIGO: DEAR AGNES (2020)?

INTRIGO: DEAR AGNES: Here is the English subtitle for the intriguing movie INTRIGO: Dear Agnes (2020).

We have converted this file to an SRT format for easy usage. You can purchase this Movie on IMDB then load it up on your computer or Home Television.

Intrigo: Dear Agnes subtitles will run throughout the Video from start to finish. It does not select specific movie type (720P or 1080P) or Extensions(Mp4 or 3gp). It will work on whichever movie kind you put it on and will not have any issues doing so.

Just in case you have no clue on how to download and upload this SRT Subtitle file for The Intrigo: Dear Agnes movie, follow the guideline below carefully and you will surely be able to do it.

How to add The Intrigo: Dear Agnes(2020) English Subtitle File To The Movie Player

First off, ensure you follow the procedures below carefully and download the SRT subtitle file for the Intrigo: Dear Agnes(2020) in the link we will below.

Diverse websites always provide this file in zip format where you will have to install apps like WINRAR to be able to unzip them before you can use them but the case is different here at

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Here in we give you the raw .srt files which takes just a few seconds to configure for it to work.

  1. Step 1: Download The Srt Subtitle File For Intrigo: Dear Agnes (English)
  2. Step 2: Copy the Movie and the Downloaded file to the same folder. This means that you can either create a new folder For Example:
  • Name The Folder: My Movie Folder
  • Copy the subtitle file you download a few seconds ago from here to that folder and also copy your movie(Intrigo: Dear Agnes) to the same folder.
  • Load your movie immediately and you will see the subtitles loading alongside.

Alternatively, You can right click on your player and Select ‘add subtitle file’ and navigate to the location of the downloaded file and it will be added to the Movie.

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